• Bertold Lakner
    Head of art
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Gergely Litkai

This year – by popular demand – the pope of sarcastic humour, the central comedian, the mouth of stand up will be the master of ceremonies: Geeergeeeely Litkaiiii!

Digital formats need to grow up

Luke Aviet
AOL Advertising Europe
Managing Director

Advertising.com, ADTECH, The Huffington Post, WinAmp, goviral – only some brands of the AOL network. The managing director of AOL Advertising Europe introduces the newest digital ad formats. The presentation is sponsored by Marketing&Média magazine.

Apple Inc. iPad at work

Győző Széll
Apple Inc.
master trainer

Apple workshop after the presentation. Registration opens soon!

From the cup to the screen, how a coffee brand sets the trend in the digital sphere

Zsolt Mészáros
marketing director

How can a brand be extended into digital space? How does a coffee brand become a webshop, fashion or even a mobile network operator in the world of screens? We’ll find out…
Smart ads on smartTV

Zoltan Kaprinay
Bónusz Brigád
CEO, founder

Will TV ads change? The brigade leader shows us that the future has already begun: personalized offers on the TV screen from the leading social buying company.
Multiscreen strategy at Microsoft

Attila Ács
Account Director - Customer Relationship Manager

Integrating Windows Phone 7, Windows 8 and Xbox, introduction of Metro design to all screens.
Coffee break

PRINT SCREEN: media business in a post-copyright climate

Rick Falkvinge
Swedish Pirate Party, Founder
WikiLeaks, Supporter

One of the TOP 100 thinkers comes to Hungary! „The control over the world wide web decides whether we reach a new level of democracy or suffer a horrific Orwellian society. The goal of the Pirate Party is to establish a brand new culture of labour, communication and cooperation. It’s a much more effective way of life how the internet generation live nowadays, than any other generation before in the history of man.” (from Médiapiac.com)
Online video beyond the virus

Bertold Lakner
Neo Interactive
Head of art

Spectacular solutions for brand owner problems: how can you like a production technology or how can a company’s history of 231 years be captivating?
Brand communication through the new screens

Gergely Tóth
Strategic Communication Manager

International digital strategy and its realizations throughout the world – how does a glass of beer rev up conversation in the digital sphere?
Festival on the Youtube

Károly Gerendai
Sziget Cultural Management
founder, managing director

Content is king! – states a digital dakota saying. Károly Gerendai tells us how to make use of exclusive brand content and how to cooperate with such industry giants like Google.
HBO GOes online

János Szilárdi
HBO Central Europe
New-Media Director

How can a content provider adapt to new consumer habits and move to new screens? HBO GO, HBO’s on-demand service debuts on monitors, smartphones and tablets.
Final Cut – from Movie screen to TV screen. And back?

György Pálfi

film director

UGC ART. User-generated content that made torrenting an art form. How was the Cannes debut film, Final Cut made and does it have anything to say to the communication industry?
Once I blow my whistle three times…

Gergely Litkai


Recommended by Chef Buday
Movie premier: The Final Cut

Party with Neston

MOM Cultural Center

This year on Enter!Digital – as usual – we try to organize quality programmes in a built and also natural environment that represents just as high standard as our events. The conference takes place in MOM Cultural Centre, situated in the green surroundings of Gesztenyéskert, while also offering excellent approachability in a modern, up-to-date building, which serve 21st century technical needs.


MOM Cultural Centre

18 Csörsz str.,

Budapest 1124


BAH-junction | M1-M7 urban highway | Gesztenyéskert | MOM Park shopping centre | Budapest Congress World Trade Centre | SPORTMAX Hegyvidék | Larus restaurant & event hall